SharePoint is a web application framework and platform developed by Microsoft. First launched in 2001, SharePoint integrates intranet, content management, and document management. SharePoint is mostly used by midsize businesses and large departments.


Everyone who works with SharePoint need to understand the OOB functionality. We would like to share various articles from now on related to SharePoint OOB. We have started with webparts that are available in each site template in SharePoint on-premises and Office 365. You can check the details in the below links for more information.

"SharePoint is a browser based business collaboration tool with composites and insights and search and communities and content and publishing and a document management. It’s collaborative, it’s business intelligence, it’s colleagues, partners, intranet, extranet, internet and much more."

SharePoint Product Overview

SharePoint 2010

There are 3 different version of SharePoint 2010 if it comes to differences in functionality:

1. SharePoint Foundation 2010
2. SharePoint Server 2010 - Standard
3. SharePoint Server 2010 - Enterprise

What is SharePoint for end user?

Maybe too complex to use… I don’t know. If you are trying to search a column in a list it works with one column globally defined in the columns gallery but not with another locally created. Well for me SharePoint is easy to use and it comes with a lot of cool things like uploading to, filtering, sorting or grouping a list… there is a lot of out-of-the-box functionality. It has a mix based on lists and wikis: Have you ever tried to create and sort a table in a wiki? Even if they are supported it can’t be compared to the usability of a SharePoint list.

Sharing Documents

The main window is divided into 3 main parts: top navigation is, of course, at the top; the left sidebar is Quick Launch and the main window; the pane where all the apps and information appear, is called the web parts.

If you want to see all your documents and things shared with you, you can find the “Documents” button in quick launch (the left-hand sidebar). When you click it you can choose what doc you want to upload by clicking the “new document” button in the web part pane and use the dialogue box to choose your document. You can also simply drag it into the window directly from the folder

After you add your documents, you can edit who has access to it. Sharing is done with the menu button, those three dots to the right of the file name, and allows you to add and edit who can see it or edit it and how much control they have. There is also a “Shared with Everyone” folder you can simply drag the document into, which lets everyone on the site see it.